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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Horse Addiction Disorder

HAD (Horse Addiction Disorder) refers to the psychological dependence on equines.
Unfortunately there is no known cure for this condition as deprivation is likely to lead to the sufferers actively seeking and/or approaching random equines. Not only could this pose potential dangers to the individual, but this behaviour inevitably reinforces the sufferer’s obsession with horses. In other words it's a vicious circle! HAD sufferers should be permitted their equine time despite the negative consequences which include: significantly reduced social hours with non horsey people, decreased regard for personal appearance and the strong possibility of their obsession causing poverty.
HAD sufferers are generally happy people, in fact all of them will tell you they don't suffer from this condition, they survive because of it!

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essayontime said...

Horse Addiction Disorder? This sounds new to me. Thanks for sharing informative blog wit us. Will be sharing it among my circle