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Sunday, 4 December 2011


Have you discovered Haynet yet?

Haynet is a brand new social friendly blogging network where we aim to bring together the best equine and country life bloggers around. There are many funny and inspirational horse owners and riders who are also talented bloggers, many of whom havent really been heard. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or a plucky newbie, we’re here to help you blog better through our network.

Haynet is a new UK-based site that already has over 400 members. It provides a central location for horse blogs, includes a  forum, categorization of blogs, and direct links to individual blog sites. And there's an “Agony Aunt” who'll answer your schooling problems so if you haven't joined already pop over now to and join now.


Margaret said...

Yes, I have. Great idea to post this here. I have connected to quite a few blogs through this network!

college papers said...

I have few blogs to post and I was looking for the platform like this now I will definitely post my blogs

Ski clothes clearance said...

Some of my friends have been suggesting to try out Haynet, as its the new social media. I am not sure what my reviews willl be but I will try it out.